ONTRApages Countdown Using Page Expiration Robot in HTML Block

I'd like to know how to use an ONTRApage with an HTML block with the Page Expiration Robot countdown timer in it. Unlike the ONTRApages countdown timer, which uses a fixed date, the Page Expiration Robot timer is cookie based, so each visitor has the same amount of time to decide. When I try to insert it into a HTML block it doesn't redirect properly.

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Solution submitted by Bill Doyle at Altitude Communications:

Ok here is the fix in detail to make a Individual Evergreen ONTRApages with Countdown Timer expiry (based on cookies or IP for each individual contact) and redirect! Awesome for scarcity based offers all on autopilot!

I am not sure this is the perfect sequence of events but its what I did and worked a treat - hope this helps! Feel free to correct me if you find a faster/better method please.

STEP 1. I got a free trial of page expiration robot (web app version NOT plugin) Setup a timer test with page expiration set for XX min etc. with redirection after expiry

NOTE: Page Expiration Robot (PER) Web version VS plugin version - Web Version vs. Plugin Version

STEP 2. Setup a New ONTRApage for testing. Include a HTML Code Block

STEP 3. Install ONTRApages WordPress plugin inside your WordPress installation.

STEP 4. Add the new ONTRApage inside WordPress and name the page - TEST this is live and works!

STEP 5. Go back to ONTRAPORT to insert the Page Expiry Robot HTML into the ONTRApages HTML Code Block.

STEP 6 MOST IMPORTANT!! Inside ONTRApages, go to the Settings tab and inside the 'Custom header Code' box insert this JavaScript supplied by ONTRAPORT CEO Landon Ray below - IMPORTANT: be sure to change your domain name inside the code below, replacing "xyzconsulting.com" with your WordPress domain name - then click save!

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://xyzconsulting.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.12.4'></script>

Now if you have saved everything it should be good to go... be sure to clear your cookies when testing or open a separate browser - I used Google Chrome to build and Firefox for testing.

Enjoy and deloy :-)

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