If I add an email to a sequence that's already running, will it still send?

I have a sequence already going for members of a course who are almost 1 week in. If I add an email to the sequence and have it delayed 7-8 days, will it automatically send to them?

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Yes, it will. For those on the Step Sequence that are not yet at the 7th or 8th day the timing will work out just as you have it set .... on the 7th or 8th day the email will be sent to them.

There is a little oddity that happens if they are already past the number of days. The email will still send to them, but depending on the time you set for the email to send ... "Immediately", "10 AM", etc. ... the email may actually be sent the following day after you add it. If you add the step at 3 PM, and it is set to send at noon or 2 PM, then it will go the next day.

Except for the very first step in a sequence, the time "Immediately" means 10 AM (based on the time zone set in the account). So the email step will actually fire for them the following day at 10 AM if you set the time to "Immediately". If you want the email to go out as soon as it is added for those Contacts already past the number of days, set the time to send an hour in the future. You can come back later to change the time to an earlier time.

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