What if I use a merge field but not all of my contacts have data in that field? [closed]

I have some of my contacts first names but not all of them. What will be inserted into the merge field space of an email I send to someone whose first name I don't have?

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The merge field will be be blank when the message is sent to any contacts who don't have anything in that field of their contact record unless you've setup a default merge field value.

A default merge field value will substitute a word (or words) of your choosing in where ever a contact who has no content in that field.

For example, a common default merge field for [First Name] is friend.

To set a default merge field: 1. Go to Settings > Default Merge Fields Settings

  1. Type a default value into the fields of your choice. Default Merge

  2. Save

Example: Say you have a contact’s email address but not their first name stored in their Contact Record. Were you to send them an email from your account containing the [First Name] Merge Field (which would normally populate with the first name from that contact’s record unless that field is blank), you could set up a default Merge Field to have that field populate with something like ‘Friend’ so that their email will read something like ‘Hi Friend’ instead of 'Hi ___.'

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