How do you differentiate "source," medium," and "campaign." [closed]

On URL tracking:

How do you differentiate ""source,"" medium,"" and ""campaign.""

What are some examples of values you'd use if you were tracking from a Facebook Dark Post v. traffic from an email in a Sequence v. a visit from your site from organic traffic?

Should you use UTM tags for EVERY link on your own website in addition to any active advertising/marketing you're tracking?

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Source is where the contact came from, such as Facebook or your website. Medium is what the content was, such as a banner or sidebar ad. Campaign is what you're promoting or the name of your launch, such as "Spring Promo 2015."

For a Facebook Dark Post, you'd want to use something like this:

Source: Facebook

Medium: Dark Post

Campaign: Spring Promo July 2015

For an organic visit, you'd want something like this:

Source: Website Homepage

Medium: Sidebar Ad

Campaign can be left blank since this an organic lead.

UTM parameters are populated in the Contact Record only when a new contact is opting in, called "first attribution". The statistics in the Tracking Collection will update for both new and existing contacts, so using UTM is valuable even for existing Contacts.

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You do not Tag your links on your site.

UTM tagging is for the traffic coming to your site such as ppc campaigns ,display ads, social media posts.

I would use cpc or ppc instead of "Dark Post" then name the campaign name accordingly.

Unfortunately Ontraport does not track organic traffic hence you won't be able to run reports for your organic traffic.

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