Can I pre fill forms with user data from email links? [closed]


Is it possible to fill the form fields with preexisting contact information from Ontraport ? An example would be a secondary form where we ask more questions to the contact . Since we have email and name it will be useful to get those fields pre filled.

Note: New Ontraforms with Javascript embed option

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This is also relevant to using PURLS and prefilling an ONTRApage:

Creating a pre-filled form is a super effective way to get your contacts to fill it out -- the less they have to do, the more likely they are to fill out the rest of the fields and opt-in!

Follow the steps below to pre-fill an ONTRApage form:

  1. Create a new ONTRApage.
  2. Hover over the Form and click edit.
  3. Click on Form.
  4. Select the field you would like to pre-fill and fill the placeholder with the corresponding merge field. Here is an example of what that will look like.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click on the Settings tab of your ONTRApage.
  7. Copy the script found on this page.
  8. Insert the script in the Custom Footer Code section of your ONTRApage.
  9. Save your ONTRApage.
  10. The final important step of this process is sending your ONTRApage as a PURL. ONTRApages will not pre-fill if they are not sent as a PURL. Contacts would either have to click through a PURL link in an email or the PURL would have to host the secondary Form to a first Form, as the thank you page. I have included our article on PURLs below:

If you have any questions about this, please let us know!

Here is a link to our Knowledge Base with more information on this:

I hope that helps!

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There are two methods to do this. One would be for new contacts, using what we call "Progressive Forms": http://support.ontraport.com/entries/...

To do the same thing with an existing contact, you can on an ONTRApages page with a form on the page itself (not an ONTRAforms pop up). You can add the Smart Form block to any ONTRApages page you like if the template doesn't already have one. You can use merge fields like [First Name] and [Email] in the fields to prefill those fields. Additional fields you add to that form will add to that Contact Record.

image description

To make this work, you would send the contact an email with the link as a PURL. When composing the email in the HTML editor choose the ONTRApages you created from the dropdown under the PURLs label. For ONTRAmail templates, just select the ONTRAPORT Landing Page and it automatically becomes a PURL:

image description

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