Can I change the line height of the fonts?

I want to change the spacing between lines on an ONTRApage. How do I do this?

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Yes! Save the block you are editing, if necessary. For ONTRApages in ONTRAPORT, look at the styling bar at the top of the Canvas and click the Page Fonts drop down:

image description

Click that, then "Fonts" to expose the list of fonts. Select the one you want to edit, such as "Header 3", and adjust the line height property.

image description

For ONTRApages Premium and Free, the above instructions may work (as of this writing they do not have the top bar styling option above, but will soon). For those products, save the block you are editing and you will see a "Page Style" button at the bottom of "Blocks on This Page" in the palette. Click on it, then select Fonts to edit the fonts on the page.

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