What WordPress plugins conflict with PilotPress? [closed]

My members keep getting a login error where it looks like the page just refreshes and they have to log in again for every page they want to visit. Support tells me it might be a plugin conflict. What plugins conflict with PilotPress?

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Login issues are often related to a plugin conflict. PilotPress manipulates the user table in WordPress, and handles redirects for the system as well in order to handle page protection (the user is redirected away from the protected page). There are over a million WordPress plugins now so its hard for us to provide a list of the ones that conflict with PilotPress. We simply cannot test them all. But here's a list of some types of plugins that can conflict:

  • Any other "membership" plugin (Wishlist Member, W2 Member, MemberMouse, etc.)
  • Any other plugin that writes to or manages the database (Backup Buddy, User Role Editor, etc.)
  • Any plugin that manages "redirection" (Page Expiration Robot, Scarcity Samuri, login form editors, etc.)
  • Caching plugins (W3 Total Cache, SuperCache, etc.)
  • All in One SEO
  • Yoast WordPress SEO if Facebook Opengraph is enabled
  • JetPack, if cache is enabled

Usually login issues are due to a conflict from either a cache or another plugin trying to take over the redirect function.

Caches will store the member-only page in memory, and try to serve it immediately prior to PilotPress checking the database for the permissions. This can often lead to the login form appearing on the protected page. If you must use cache, check in the settings to see if you can exclude your membership pages. For hosting services such as WP Engine, ask them to disable their cache for the PilotPress directory.

Redirect Plugins come in many different types. Any plugin that allows you to designate a different login page is probably using redirects. The other plugin using redirects will try to act at the same time as PilotPress and cause a conflict.

If you have one or more plugins you know fit into the categories above, deactivate them and test using the process below.

If you don't know which plugin is conflicting, deactivate all of your plugins except for PilotPress and ONTRApage (if installed). Test the login function using the process below. Activate one of the plugins and test the login function again. If the plugin does not conflict, deactivate it and continue the process until you have tested all the plugins with only PilotPress active. This should identify the plugin that conflicts.

Testing Process WordPress remembers your administrative login, even in a private or incognito window. This is a persistent problem in troubleshooting WordPress issues, as you may appear to be logged in as a user but really have Admin rights. To start this testing process, create a new test Contact in ONTRAPORT and grant the Contact the membership level or Partner Program access you want to test. You can keep ONTRAPORT open while you test to see if the login is recorded in that contact's Contact Record if you wish. Then, each and every time you activate a plugin to test, follow this process:

  1. Open a new private or incognito tab in your browser. Instructions are here for Firefox ...
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