WordPress caching problem - but I don't have a cache plugin!

My membership pages are sometimes able to be viewed by non-members, and my members sometimes get the login block on top of their member's content pages that are protected by PilotPress. I'm told it could be a cache, but I didn't see any caching plugins in my Plugins section of the WordPress admin area. Help!

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If you use WPEngine for your webhosting, see THIS ANSWER

Some plugins activate a WordPress "Drop-in" plugin named advanced-cache.php, and do not remove it when you deactivate or delete the original plugin. Look in WordPress > Administration > Plugins and see if you see an entry for Drop-ins along the top of the page. Click on the word "Drop-ins" and see if the advanced-cache.php plugin is present:

image description

If you know which plugin added the drop in plugin, you can deactive and delete it and see if it cleans up after itself. Unfortunately many plugins leave advanced-cache.php behind. You cannot delete it from the WordPress admin area. You need to use FTP or your control panel for your hosting account to find the file in the /wp-content/ folder and manually delete it. Ask your webmaster or webhost for help.

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