Where are my MailChimp lists?

I paid a VA to import my MailChimp mailing lists and he said he would label or tag them or something so I could find my lists. Now he won't respond to me and all I see are one big group of contacts in my ontraport. And, I cancelled my MailChimp account.

I really need to get my lists back because I sell to two markets, adults with relationship problems and parents of children with behavioral issues. I do NOT want to send an email about sexual dysfunction to a parent of a twelve year old!

How can I find these labels or tags or whatever they are?

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Check to see that there are indeed contacts in your account.

If yes, click into a contact record to see if there are any associated tags under contact information. If there are, then you can create groups around those tags. Here's how to create groups: http://support.ontraport.com/entries/...

If you don't have contacts in your database, check your Import Settings (https://app.ontraport.com/#!/contact/...) to see if there are any files in the upload history section.

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Asked: 2016-03-21 09:33:25 -0700

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