Thrive Leads adds duplicate contacts

I'm using Thrive Leads, but it keeps adding duplicate contacts to my ONTRAPORT account. Is there anything you guys can do to help?

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You should check with Thrive Leads to be sure, but one of our clients provide these instructions that corrected the issue for him:

Using FTP, navigate to ../wp-content/plugins/thrive-leads/thrive-dashboard/inc/auto-responder/lib/vendor and open the Ontraport.php file for editing.

Edit the following 2 lines:

At about line 79: change return $this->v2Call( '1/objects', array( 'objectID' => self::FORM_OBJECT_ID ) ); to this: return $this->v2Call( '1/objects/saveorupdate', array( 'objectID' => self::FORM_OBJECT_ID ) );

Then, find around line 101: change $this->v2Call( '1/objects?objectID=0', $fields, 'POST' ); and change it to: $this->v2Call( '1/objects/saveorupdate?objectID=0', $fields, 'POST' );

It's literally as simple as adding /saveorupdate to make the correct API call to those two lines.

We recommend you check with Thrive Leads first, and use a qualified developer if you are at all uneasy about making these changes. Like all custom coding options for non-ONTRAPORT programs, we cannot guarantee results or reimburse you for any damages that happen as a result of using this code. We're just passing it along in the spirit of helpfulness!

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