How do I string together multiple forms? [closed]

I would like to have a multi-step form. Thanks in advance!

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You should use progressive profiling with ONTRAform Lightboxes. Here are instructions on how to do that!

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You can use multi-step forms to draw in leads without overwhelming them. Let them fill out your forms and surveys in bite-sized pieces instead of one long form. The information you get from each progressive form will show in their contact record for easy reference. You can achieve this fun client experience by using ONTRAforms or forms on ONTRApages. I’ll explain how to set it up using multiple ONTRAforms here. If the initial form you’re using is on an ONTRApage, simply connect that form to your additional ONTRAforms for the same effect.

  1. Create multiple ONTRAforms. Name them something descriptive so you know which is step 1, step 2, etc.
  2. Save all of your ONTRAforms.
  3. Navigate to the ONTRAform or the ONTRApage that is the very first step in the form. Open up the form settings by selecting the Smart Form block then clicking “Form Settings” on the left sidebar..
  4. Add your desired Tags and Sequences under “Manage Form Fills.”
  5. Under “Opt-In Settings,” select Single Opt-in and the radio button beside Pop ONTRAform Lightbox.
  6. Choose your second ONTRAform from the dropdown.
  7. Scroll down and select the checkbox beside “Override email address merge with cookie data.” It’s important that you select this setting for every multi-step form.
  8. Save.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 with each additional ONTRAform. If you have 3 steps, add step 3 as the Thank You page for step 2.
  10. Once all of your forms are connected, host your step 1 form.
  11. To test, open up the URL where your step 1 form is hosted and fill it out. You’ll be taken to step 2.
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