How does ONTRAPORT promote excellent Email Deliverability? [closed]

I just got an email from Pat Flynn talking about why he switched from InfusionSoft to Convertkit, and the main crux of it was that he found InfusionSoft was hampering the deliverability of his emails...that long time subscribers were emailing him asking why he stopped sending emails.


Any thoughts about why this may have happened, and how we can avoid it using Ontraport?

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The easy way out here would be to say "Well, that's because everyone knows InfusionSoft's delivery team sucks" and you have nothing to worry about here.

But that's not the truth and it's not that simple.

There are certain things that all ESPs must to do even be considered as a contender for your business when it comes to email. Of course we can all boast about how our company will get you better delivery rates than another but in the end it mostly comes down to the individual mailer. The things that we ESPs can take care of for you are:

  1. Authentication (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC where necessary)
  2. Set Low Compliance Rates (ONTRAPORT's are .35% max complaint rate and 7% max bounce rate)
  3. Removing Problem Clients
  4. Monitoring Blacklists
  5. Managing IP Reputation (All IPs should always be in the mid to high 90's at the lowest)
  6. Feedback Loop Management

Beyond that, it's on the individual mailer to take care of things like list hygiene, domain reputation, email content, and contact engagement. We supply an infrastructure that allows our customers the possibility of 100% inbox ratings if they are following best practices. Unfortunately most marketers are blissfully unaware of their email and list transgressions.

In his case it sounds like he received some lackluster support at IS which is a bummer. Especially when it comes down to Email Deliverability which is generally a frustrating endeavor for anyone not sitting at a workstation with direct SMTP log access. It also sounds like he really dug the interface at ConvertKit as well.

We do see users get deliverability bumps or declines when migrating - but this is generally because anyone who had positive engagement on a separate IP (or had whitelisted the sender) is now moving to a fresh sending environment - which often means a new whitelist needs to be added (depending on provider).

It also sounds like IS may do Spam Filtering a little different than we do. We try to avoid cutting broadcasts short at all costs, as a general rule if a large send gets a few complaints early on it means that there wont be many more to follow. This is especially true for lists that have been mailing consistently with us.

If a user complains, we unsubscribe them. So seeing huge complaint spikes is extremely unlikely unless you start getting bad traffic at your opt in forms or send a completely unrelated pitch to your list.

As far as How you can prevent dips in deliverability in your business just make sure you're up to best practices in you're marketing and you'll be great, consistency is key. To rehash those items from above they are:

  1. List Hygiene - Is your list segmented so that only the right offers go to the right segment?)
  2. Domain Reputation - Is anyone else mailing on behalf of your domain - one bad affiliate can cause your mail ...
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Great answers, Brendan! Question... do some ESP's cut the delivery of large lists if the initial run gets a rash of SPAM complaints? I had never thought about this. Is this an industry wide practice or only a handful of ESP's?

Neil Kristianson gravatar imageNeil Kristianson ( 2015-10-27 14:25:07 -0700 )edit

I'm not sure what others do outside of Infusion, MailChimp, and SendGrid.

SBDubbs gravatar imageSBDubbs ( 2015-10-27 16:19:52 -0700 )edit

Thanks BDubs

joekalis gravatar imagejoekalis ( 2015-10-28 09:23:37 -0700 )edit

As an IS user I can confirm IS's email deliverability is a joke. There are many forum threads in their own forums . Their understanding of spam email (deliverability) is different than an IS user would have. For them an email going to spam folder is not a deliverability issue since they delivered to email to the receiver ( ESP did not reject the email) . For IS ending up in SPAM is an email content issue and they will tell you remove the images, links etc etc.

In reality even their double optin emails which have very limited modification options might end up in SPAM. ( It did for us)

We currently use a PAID intermediary service to get our emails delivered .

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Wow! That is surprising, I had always assumed that as a business they would be more customer focused in helping to coach into the inbox. At ONTRAPORT access to our Email Delivery team is included in all accounts at no extra charge.

SBDubbs gravatar imageSBDubbs ( 2015-11-03 14:25:33 -0700 )edit

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