How can I go about renaming a Tag?

I know it's not a feature (although I hope it becomes one!) but I want to change one Tag to a different name. How should I go about it?

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Hey there.

At the moment there isn’t a feature which allows you to rename Tags; this is still in the feature request stage. You can accomplish this, however, through the following method:

  1. Create a Group based on Contact Tags> Contains [Your Unique Tag]
  2. Create the new Tag with the desired name.
  3. Use a Group Action to apply the new Tag to the Group set up in Step 1.
  4. Then, in a second Group Action, delete the old, undesired Tag.
  5. Navigate to the Administration > Manage Tags screen and delete the unnecessary Tag from your database. (optional)

Here are links to relevant training articles about Contacts, Tags and Groups that will help you learn:

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