Can you help me get back into my account?

1 I am logged in but i have to login for questions and ?s don't recognise my password??? 2. Is there some sort of help file on how to do this? 3. how do I delete something in a template that I do not want?

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There's a few different questions here.

1- Yes, your login for your Ontraport account is different from your login to the Questions portal. This issue has been raised, and we might get unified logins in the future, but not yet.

2 - Looks like you figured out how to use the portal :)

3 - Whether Ontrapages or Ontramail, when you hover over any block, you will see some options pop up, one of these will lool like a trashcan, and will let you delete the whole block if you click it. For specific elements in a block, when you click Edit, the block elements will be listed on the menu to your left. You can hover over each one and toggle the switch form green to red in order to hide a specific element.

I hope that helps!

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Asked: 2015-10-27 21:14:06 -0700

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