Can we pull social media info into the contact records?

Is there any way to pull social media info into OP contact page using 3rd. party apps like nimble, etc? Right now it seems like we have to do it manually.

I noticed my contact records have this section:

image description

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The "Connect with Facebook" button integration adds those fields to the Contact Record and Facebook passed the information to populate those fields. Now, the only fields Facebook will pass to a CRM / Email program is the First Name, Last Name, Email Address and then the Gender field, the only one that will populate in that section.

If Facebook approves your application, all of those fields would be filled, but as of December, 2014, I don't know of a single case where Facebook has approved all the fields. See http://support.ontraport.com/.../5878.... for more information.

Heyo integrates with ONTRAPORT and Facebook for creating contests, promotions,etc, and contact information is pushed back into ONTRAPORT. Integration article is at http://support.ontraport.com/.../7000....

Recently, LeadsBridge has published a guide to integrating ONTRAPORT with Facebook Lead Ads here: https://leadsbridge.com/.../integrate...

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