What are the double opt-in message requirements? [closed]

I know I can create a double opt-in message to send to opt-ins, but what should be on it?

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Great question! If you use a template, it will already contain the information that's required. Here it is for your reference:

  1. It must must must include the [Opt-in Link] merge field. This is what they click to double opt-in.
  2. The text of the message must clearly notify your leads that by clicking the opt-in link, they agree to regularly receive emails from you.
  3. No further marketing. Once they opt-in, you can send them marketing materials in other emails!
  4. Use consistent font, text size, and formatting. This is really a rule for all of your messages because it ensures that you have excellent Email Delivery!

Our Email Delivery department will let you know if your double opt-in message is rejected. They'll also explain why so that you can get your next one approved! You may want to read up on Email Delivery 101 for more information. Also, check out our Knowledge Base here.

If you want to check out step-by-step instructions on setting up a double opt-in process, you can access an ONTRAPORT Project titled "Create a Confirmed (or Double) Opt-In Process to Build Your List." To do so, navigate to this link while logged into your account.

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