How can I get the credentials to use the API?

I need to get api credentials for an application that integrates with ONTRAPORT. They are looking for an ID and Key number of some kind. How do I get these?

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To obtain an API Key and APP ID, follow these steps:

1) Click your email address at the top right of your account and click Administration. image description

2) Click the ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager link in the Integrations section. image description

3) Click the New API Key button in the menu bar. image description

4) Name the API key and select the Contact Owner from the drop down box. In most cases, you will select the account administrator as the owner. You do not need to check off any of the check boxes under the drop down box if using the new API (recommended). Click Save. image description

5) You will return to the API listing page. Provide a copy of the APP ID and API Key to your developer. image description

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