How do I set conditional rules in OntraForms?

What happened to conditional rules where we could send people off to different confirmation/thank you pages depending on their answers for the form fields? What's the alternate method if it can't be done in ONTRAforms? Thank you!!

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Hi Huy,

At this time ONTRAforms do not have conditional rules to show/hide fields or change the thank you page. Instead you'll need to employ a Smart Form built in ONTRAPORT and then place the code on to an existing webpage.

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Could you use the ONTRAform to add to a form-specific sequence and then bring in your conditional logic in the sequence?

I've been using the OptimizePress integration, so that logic is top of mind. Also, the OP techs seem to always recommend using rules in a sequence (or global rules, if appropraite) instead of on the back of a form.

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