How can I make the social media icons share my content? [closed]

I get that I can add my social media links to the icons in ONTRApages, ONTRAforms and ONTRAmail, but that only allows my readers to follow me. How can I make those into "share on your timeline" type of links?

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For Follow Me icons you are right, you just put in the URL to your Twitter, Facebook or other social media page. But to make the social media icons into "Share this on your own page" style links, a bit more work is needed.

First, go to a share link generator page such as http://www.sharelinkgenerator.com/. For Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., just fill out the fields using the URL to YOUR page on that service, and click the "Create the Link!" button.

Copy the link under "URL Only" into your social media icon in ONTRApages (or ONTRAforms and ONTRAmail) and you're done!

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