Can you migrate code from html site into ontraport?

I've already made an html/Css/java website but I want to make use of ontraports marketing/payment methods. Is there a way to import my site or the raw code for my site without redoing the whole thing on a new landing page?

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Hi Wes,

Yes you can! You could simply place the code for a Smart Form on your site that's already created then run all the automation in ONTRAPORT. If you want to transfer your site to ONTRAPORT, you can copy and paste the code onto a Code Mode Landing Page which will replicate the work you have done.

Based on your description though, it sounds like you would be best off leaving your page external but connecting the automation to ONTRAPORT with a Smart Form or an ONTRAform. Both (when you hit publish) have different hosting options and you can copy/paste that code onto your already existing site.

Let me know if you have questions!


Product Communication Coordinator at ONTRAPORT

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