Can you use a Merge field in a Wordpress-hosted Ontrapage?

Can you have an Ontrapage use a Merge field like "Hi there [First Name]!" on an Ontrapage when you use the Wordpress plugin? How does that work? Do you need to use Pilotpress and have them be logged in?

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Yes, you will need to also use Pilotpress and have them logged in for the merge fields to work.

The complete list of requirements for this to work are:

  1. You have an ONTRAPORT Pro or above level account (required for integrating WordPress)
  2. Your WordPress site is integrated with ONTRAPORT using the Pilotpress plugin
  3. The ONTRApages page is posted on the WordPress site using the ONTRApages plugin
  4. The contact must be logged into WordPress in order for the contact record's merge fields to populate correctly
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Asked: 2015-11-03 14:46:42 -0700

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Last updated: Nov 04 '15