How can I fix this Mailchimp integration issue?

HI, we are integrating with this URL:


and it's bringing up a third 'field' that isn't on the form. I believe it's the mailchimp form code. Our contacts are not going into the list in Mailchimp, could this field be the reason?

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Hello again Danielle,

I've looked into this a little more! It turns out that your form actually is working and does send the double opt-in confirmation email. You can see this in my screenshot here. To test this, I first filled out the hosted form herewith my email address +1. (A troubleshooting tip that will help you is to create testing email addresses on gmail e.g. [email protected] and [email protected] which both go to the same inbox but are treated separately.) I then filled out the ONTRApage with my email address +2 here and received a second confirmation email.

The likely reason you're not receiving the double opt-in confirmation email when you test first in mailchimp then through ONTRApages is because you're testing with the same email address which was already double-confirmed.

Now, onto the ghost field issue! I've spoken to our engineers and it should not be appearing this way. Ideally, it would say "hidden field" or "double opt-in field." As such, I'm sending this up to be fixed and will let you know here! Don't worry about it for now. The form will work as intended and deliver contacts into your Mailchimp account.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions and have a great rest of your day. You'll hear from us soon when the display issue is resolved.

Much appreciation,

Kate ONTRAPORT Product Communication Coordinator

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Thanks Kate!

The accounts we were using to test were new emails and I double checked to be sure they weren't on any lists in mailchimp.

I went ahead and deleted myself out of MC and tested it again and it successfully added my account so maybe it's the new emails we just created for some reason they can send/receive mail but are not getting the double optin (yes I checked spam etc)

Thanks for sending the info over about the 3rd field.

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Of course! Our developers are already investigating why that field is showing so strangely!

Kate gravatar imageKate ( 2016-01-06 09:25:40 -0700 )edit
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