How can I make my life easier for my sales team using Forms on Tasks?

I just discovered that you can require a form to be filled out after a Task! How should I be using this?

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Really great question! At ONTRAPORT, we heavily use internal forms and Tasks. Every time our Sales reps finish demoing our product, they complete a Task and fill out a form with the outcome. Some clients refer to these as "Form Pops" as they pop-up once a Task is complete.

To incorporate these in your business, create a new Task Message.

At the bottom of a Task Message, there's a section called "Include Form."


You can design a form (Smart Form or ONTRAform) with the fields you want populated upon Task completion.

Our sales team uses an internal form with fields such as "call result, requires follow-up?, Sales Rep Name, qualified? etc." As soon as the form is filled out, the answers are all merged into the Contact's information.

To learn more about Tasks, check out our Knowledge Base here and the ONTRAPORT Blog here.

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