Can I make an ONTRApages page redirect to another page?

I have an ONTRApages landing page I want to now redirect to another page. The link is out there and still getting traffic, even though that particular promotion is over!

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Yes, you can! The Countdown Timer block has a redirect function -- when the timer ends, the page redirects.

You can create your new ONTRApages page and host it. Then add the Countdown Timer block to your existing page, and put in a date in the past. Add the new page URL to the redirect section in the Countdown Timer block ... now, anyone visiting that page will automatically be redirected to the new page!

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Frank's right! This is actually one of the things we've been seeing in Support is countdown timers that redirect to the page they're hosted on doing an endless redirect cycle. Make sure you have them redirect to a different page!

Kate gravatar imageKate ( 2015-11-05 11:06:06 -0700 )edit
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