Can I have people opt in to SMS via OP's API?

If not, how can I get that SMS status to "opt-in"?

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You cannot opt-in contacts to SMS via the API. This has to do with the stricter guidelines around SMS message sending as it can cost the receiver money so must be wanted. There are only 2 ways to get that status changed.

  1. Filling in the SMS Number field on a Smart Form
  2. Texting your account’s SMS number.

Either of these two actions will set your Contacts’ Bulk SMS Status to opt-in! It's important to note that Contacts also can't have this updated upon import.

Note that you will want to include the Country field on the SMS opt-in Form you create in order to automatically format the country code correctly in the SMS number itself. This will prevent internal SMS numbers from hard bouncing!

Please reference this article for more details on SMS: SMS Overview

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