Can I add an unsubscribe link at the top of my email? [closed]

I want to make sure my newsletter subscribers are fully engaged, and I never want to get "spam" complaints from them. I would like to add a small link at the very top of my newsletter for them to unsubscribe.

This is in addition to the link ONTRAPORT adds at the bottom. I want it to say something different than the standard "Manage Your Subscription" too, so it's clear they can unsubscribe. Maybe something like "Unsubscribe from All Our Mailings". I'm using the standard HTML editor in ONTRAPORT with our own template.

How can I add that link?

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Yes, I used to do this. When you're creating your message, write your sentence at the top, and then use the merge field [unsub_link] it will show up in the email as "Click Here to Unsubscribe"

There's also an [unsub_link_raw] but I've never used it.

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