Can I protect my video page to certain people?

I have created a lead capture form (smartform) and embed it on my optin page. Once the form has been filled out by a visitor, he/she will be redirected and will have access to my free video series. Is there a way so that if someone who has not yet subscribed to my free video series (in other words who has not yet opted in) visits my free video series page will be sent to the optin page?

Here's the scenario I want to achieve: Person A: Subscribed to my free video series Person B: NOT yet subscribed

Both of them receive the link to video #2 of the series, Person A was able to go straight to video #2 page. However, Person B since she has not yet subscribed she will be first sent to the optin page, she can only access video #2 once she fills out the lead capture form.

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If you have a WordPress site integrated with our PilotPress plugin you can do this by using "Page Protection" on your pages. When you are editing a page you can apply an Access Level you have set in ONTRAPORT in the Sites > WordPress section:

PilotPress Options

Notice the "On Error" drop down in that image? It allows you to redirect someone who does not have that access level to any other page on your WordPress site. You can create a sales page, a page with the opt-in form, etc. for people like your Person B who have the link but have not yet signed up to view the video.

You can upload videos in the ONTRAPORT Video Manager in Administration > Video Manager, and embed them in your WordPress page too, so you don't have to leave them on YouTube, or pay for a separate video hosting service.

ONTRAPORT is all about automation, so your opt in form can subscribe Person B to a Step Sequence that gives them access to the website access levels, then emails them their username and password.

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