Is there a way to prefill form fields in WordPress using Javascript? [closed]

I have a weird request, but it is probably a more common need now that I think about it. I want to use an ONTRAPORT Smart Form inside of WordPress and have the fields prefilled with the logged in user's information. How can I do that?

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Our QA developer Anthony Baldwin developed this code to do so. Note that we cannot train you on how to use Javascript, but your developer will know how this works:

<script type="text/javascript">

var count = $('input[name*="email"]').length;

var current = 0;

var contactfirst = "[pilotpress_field name='First Name']";

var contactlast = "[pilotpress_field name='Last Name']";

var contactemail = "[pilotpress_field name='Email']";

while (current<count) {

document.getElementsByName('firstname')[current].value = contactfirst;

document.getElementsByName('lastname')[current].value = contactlast;

document.getElementsByName('email')[current].value = contactemail;




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