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Hi, I'm having trouble seeing images that I've uploaded. I've looked through the help database and cleared my cache (Chrome), as well as tried it on Safari. I'm able to click upload an image (I've tried both .png and .jpg), but after it uploads there's nothing there. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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That is strange! Are you working on a laptop or desktop (we have seen issues on tablets and phones like this, and we don't have a solution for them, as they often block Javascript).

Here are some basic troubleshooting steps for Mac and PC:

Visit http://whatismybrowser.com and make sure your browser is updated.

For Safari on the Mac, the cache can be persistent. Try manually deleting the cache files in the hidden folder:

  1. Develop > Empty Cache, then do steps 2 and 3 below
  2. Finder > Go (while holding down Option) > Library > Caches. Find the Safari cache file and manually move it to the trash.
  3. Next, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Details and Remove all Cookies

Let us know if that helps!

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Hey, thanks! I think I got it straightened out last night....the images I was trying to upload might have been too big. I resized them and all worked okay. I think I got confused about it because there wasn't an error message saying it was too big; rather, nothing showed up. Thanks for your help!

quinnballard gravatar imagequinnballard ( 2015-11-10 04:55:23 -0700 )edit

Hey, it's me again haha! Having trouble uploading pics again. It appears that the size upload limit is 5mb, and I've resized the images I want to upload to around 2-3.5mb. They are not loading after uploading. It appears the biggest file I can get to upload is one that is about 800kb. Any thoughts?

quinnballard gravatar imagequinnballard ( 2015-11-24 07:28:55 -0700 )edit

Same problem here... I have resized them, and optimized them for web and nothing... Thanks

victor gravatar imagevictor ( 2015-12-03 03:07:01 -0700 )edit
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