Change login email?

Hi, how do I change my login email? I used a throwaway email originally to give Ontrapages a test run (in case there was going to be a lot of unwanted email/spam/tutorials, etc.), and I want to change my login email to my personal email since I really like OP. I went into account settings and did change my email on the user info, but I'm having to login with the old email instead.

How can I switch this over?


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Thanks for writing in. Support doesn't fully support ONTRApages free with issues like this. We will change your username for you this one time. However, for future reference, we have a process that includes a lot of security questions. If you upgrade, it will be a lot easier to get your username changed as we'll have more information to ask you security questions on! We don't want to give anyone but the account owner access to your pages and it's difficult to verify the account owner's identity with ONTRApages free.

Thanks for understanding. Also, we would never spam you!


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Support will have to do that for you! You can submit a ticket to them via email at [email protected]; please include your account number (found at the bottom right of your screen when logged in), the email address you are currently using, and the email address you would like to use.

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You da man. Thanks, Frank!

quinnballard gravatar imagequinnballard ( 2015-11-11 06:00:39 -0800 )edit
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