Can I scan business cards into ONTRAPORT? [closed]

I know there are services that will take business cards and enter them into ONTRAPORT or any other service, but I only do a few a month. I don't want to pay $50 or more per month for this kind of service. Is there a less expensive alternative one I can use for my small business?

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For low volume, you can do this for free! Or at least for much less.

You can use Zapier.com to connect ONTRAPORT to thousands of applications and add contacts. Here's my set up to add contacts from business cards:

  1. CamCard business card scanner app on my phone (free for 200 cards)
  2. Google Contacts (part of my Google Apps account)
  3. Zapier.com (free level, good for five active Zaps)

When I snap a picture of a business card in CamCard it uses it's OCR functions to read the business card, and allows me to make any corrections. It is really accurate, but every now and then I have to correct an entry. Then CamCard saves the information to my Google Contacts.

I created a Zap on Zapier to look for new Google Contacts and add them to ONTRAPORT. The Zap works automatically, running every few minutes. I can use CamCard and then forget it, and within a few minutes the same contact information is in ONTRAPORT, complete with a Tag (I use "Google Contact" so I know where the lead came from). I could also set a Sequence subscription in Zapier for all the new Contacts, but I rely on a global Rule to add new contacts to a Sequence.

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