Adding steps to sequence with contacts on it already...


4 step sequence, with a week between each step.

  • step 1, day 0
  • step 2, day 7
  • step 3, day 14
  • step 4, day 21

Bob is on step 1, he's on day 0

Sue is on step 2, she's on day 7

Jim is on step 3, he's on day 14

Kay is on step 4, she's on day 21

But now I add a step, so the sequence is now...

  • step 1, day 0
  • step 2, day 3
  • step 3, day 7
  • step 4, day 14
  • step 5, day 21

Bob will be fine. But what about Sue, Jim and Kay?

I don't need them to get the new one, but I am worried about their timing getting messed up.

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Sue, Jim and Kay are already past the number of days since the beginning of the sequence, so they will not get that step.

You also have to check and make sure that the remaining steps 3, 4 and 5 are still spaced appropriately; you set the number of days since the last step fired, so if you don't edit step 3 to read that it should fire 4 days after the new step 2 you end up with this spacing:

  • Step 1, day 0
  • Step 2, day 3
  • Step 3, day 10
  • Step 4, day 17
  • Step 5, day 24

We have quite a few scenarios in our article at http://support.ontraport.com/entries/...

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Thanks Frank. That support article was VERY helpful, but didn't have this exact scenario. So in a few days, Sue, for example, will show as "current step 2", even though the next email she'll get will be step 4's email, because ? Can that be right? I think I'll run a test and see. :)

Miriam gravatar imageMiriam ( 2015-11-17 00:15:29 -0700 )edit

Okay, here's the test results! Tested adding a step in between steps 1 and 2 once someone was already on 2. The system updated that the client was now on 3, even though the new 2 had never fired. So extant client went smoothly, and future ones will get all the steps, and everything is great, yay!

Miriam gravatar imageMiriam ( 2015-11-17 05:41:17 -0700 )edit
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