Redirection based on QTY purchased


Is it possible to create a rule to change the destination URL after a purchase based on the QTY purchased, example

if QTY = 1 go to URL1 if QTY > 1 go to URL2

I had a look in Rules but couldn't see anything that would allow me to do this. Thanks in advance.

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On our Legacy Smart Form order forms there are some redirection options, but not based on quantity. You can redirect based on billing address fields, email address, first and last names.

ONTRAforms and forms on ONTRApages do not have redirect functionality yet. Add your vote to add them, and chime in that you want them expanded to include redirection based on quantity purchased at: http://support.ontraport.com/entries/...

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Asked: 2015-11-15 23:55:38 -0700

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