Smartform does not send subscriber data to Mailchimp

Hello, I am a happy user of Ontrapages which I have implemented for several customers successfully. On my most recent project "www.suonarelabatteria.it" I have a smartform like on other landing pages I have created, but for some reason unknown to me, subscribers data does not get through to Mialchimp even though the setup and the TEST on Ontrapages register as successful.

I have tried to remove and reconfigure the connection between Ontrapages and Mailchimp but without any positive results.

Can you kindly check that the smartform facility is actually doing its job properly or suggest a way out of this issue?

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Hi Robin - The account number appears in lower right corner of ONTRApages! I was able to find your account by your email address (and then I masked it in the message above).

I just received the confirmation emails from MailChimp, so my test did go through from that account to my MailChimp account.

You'll see two contacts in your Contacts in that account that have my ontraport.com email address; here's an image of the confirmation email from my MailChimp account for one of them:

image description

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Hi Robin - We are not experiencing a system wide issue with the form connector, so we'll have to dig a bit deeper. Can you provide the account number and we'll have one of our support team take a look.

We have had reports that AWeber blocks "automated" from submissions from ONTRApages, but have not heard this about MailChimp.

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Sure Frank, I'd be happy to provide to you my account number if I could only find it. Inside the section "My account" there is no such information. My email on the account is [email protected]. What other data may I provide to you to help you dig deeper?

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Thank you Frank, much appreciated.

I understand, correct me if I misinterpreted your message, that according to your tests everything is OK and functioning and that I should be able to see contacts showing up in my mailchimp account.


Since this is not happening on my hand do you have any kind suggestion on what I may be overlooking? (I have other three landing pages for clients on Ontrapages, all with smartforms linking to a Mailchimp account, and they all work fine. But not this one. I have tested manually the form URL that I have connected on Ontrapages and it DOES work. So I am wondering where the data gets dropped between Ontrapages and Mialchimp. Any idea?)

Many thanks for your support.

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In my test, I used a page created in your account, but linking to a form for my own MailChimp account rather than yours. I'm wondering if there's a limitation placed on certain accounts by MailChimp? Can you add a new contact using the form itself (without connecting it to an ONTRApage?)

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RobinGood - did you find a resolution to this one? In our testing we are getting good results with MailChimp EXCEPT when there is a multi-value field such as a drop down box. Then the connection will test positive but the actual form will not submit.

Frank gravatar imageFrank ( 2016-05-31 07:19:12 -0700 )edit
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