Can I change my post naming structure for the ONTRApages plugin?

I noticed that the ONTRApages Plugin only allows the use of the %postname% naming structure. I have a custom structure on my blog that uses the category name and postname ... /%category%/%postname%/ .... how can I use the ONTRApages plugin to display my great looking ONTRApages on my own domain?

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The ONTRApages Plugin will display your ONTRApages in your WordPress site, with or without our membership plugin PilotPress. But your site must be using the preferred post naming structure "Post Name".

You can change the post naming structure in WordPress > Settings > Permalinks. However, changing the permalink structure will cause 404 "Page Not Found" errors for any links using the old structure ... including all those links listed in the various search engines and your customer's bookmarks.

Check with your webmaster or webhost to see if you can add a redirect to your site, normally put in the .htaccess file, to redirect your customers to the right page and tell the search engines to replace the links in their directories. SEO ninja Yoast has a handy online tool to generate the .htaccess command at Yoast's Permalink Helper.

As an example, the custom permalink structure "http://www.my-site.com/%category%/%postname%/" is specified on the first page of the Permalink Helper this way:

       image description

The results page provides part of what's needed in your .htaccess file to create the redirect. It looks very simple when using this tool, but the server must be set up to handle redirects before this command will be honored. Most linux webservers are set up for this, and if the "rewrite engine" is set to "on" -- check with your webhost or webmaster to be sure -- then the single line shown in the image will redirect all the incoming links to that fictional site to the new %postname% link:

       image description

Please note: if you are not already an expert at editing the .htaccess file we strongly urge you to have your webhost complete the edits or hire an experienced developer to help you. It is very easy to take your site offline with an incorrect entry in the .htaccess file.

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