I inserted code into my HTML Block and now my page isn't responsive. What's wrong? [closed]

I'm using an ONTRApage but I know you can also use ONTRAforms.

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Our ONTRApages/forms/messages are mobile responsive. Adding an HTML block that isn't responsive can cause the entire page/form/message to become unresponsive to various device sizes. Your code would need to account for responsiveness.

If you are troubleshooting your Custom HTML Block we recommend using the green toggle on the left then saving. Refresh the page to see if the issue is fixed. If it is, the problem does lie with your Custom HTML Block and not with the rest of the page.


We cannot provide support for your custom HTML Block, scripts or CSS that you add. Our development team works hard on improving ONTRAPORT features and building blocks that don’t require custom coding. You may want to try posting your question in our Facebook User Community. If you do find some code that might benefit someone else, please post it there and create an Answer in our Community Q&A forum ONTRAPORT Answers so that others can view it as well! You may also want to hire one of our Certified Consultants.

For more information on the Custom HTML Block, reference our Knowledge Base here. For instructions on using the ONTRApages editor, complete the in-app ONTRAPORT Project Create an ONTRApages Landing Page.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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