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I'd like to get a push notification on my phone whenever a new contact signs up, or when a sale is made. Can I do that?

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Yes! Or close anyway. You can send yourself a text, which will pop up a push notification on your phone. All within ONTRAPORT. Or you can use an iOS / Android app such as Pushover (see below).

For the totally free, included option follow these steps:

Use a global Rule to create an SMS push notification. There are 24 Rule triggers, including looking for a change in any of your Contact Record fields (including custom fields):

image description

One of the Actions available is "Send an SMS". Create the SMS message and use that action to send the SMS to yourself. Any merge fields in the SMS will be populated with the contact's information so be careful - a merge field for a long text field may populate with a lot of text! But you can include the Contact's Email and Name in the SMS. A completed Rule might look like this:

image description

You can use the same technique to send yourself an email instead.

If you really want just a push notification and not the "text push notification substitute" that is built into ONTRAPORT, you can use that same global Rule to send an email to an app such as Pushover. Pushover then sends the email as a true notification to your phone. Accounts are $4.99 per device (one time charge) at the time this was written.

Pushover provides you with an email address to use to create a push notification when you log into your account

image description

In the same kind of global Rule, choose an action of Notify Someone with an email and send the appropriate email to that address:

image description

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