How do I set up an Abandoned Cart Funnel?

I would like to make sure I don't lose those leads! Thanks!

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Great question!

Below are instructions on how to set up an abandoned cart funnel.

Prerequisites include:

  • An Order Form
  • A hosted Order Form Page
  • A Tracking Script on your webpage

Step 1: Create A Follow Up Email - Did You Need Help Purchasing My Product?

Step 2: Create a Sequence - Abandoned Cart Sequence. We're using a Step Sequence for this example. You can set up an email to notify the contact in a timely fashion after they've abandoned the cart.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Sequences > New Step Sequence

  • Add a Rule Step to the Abandoned Cart Sequence - This Rule will identify the Contacts who haven't purchased. The criteria for this Rule is as follows:

    • If This Is True: Has spent a certain amount on a product > Greater than 0 on [your product]
    • Then Do This: Remove contact from Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • Add an Email Step to the Abandoned Cart Sequence

    • From the Messages drop down, select the follow up Message you created in Step 1

Step 3: Create a Global Rule

Note - In order for this Global Rule to work, you must have a tracking script on your webpage. If you are using an ONTRAPORT Landing Page, ONTRApage, or WordPress site with PilotPress installed, your Tracking Script is already there.

  • Navigate to the Rules Sections by going to Contacts > Rules > New Rule

  • The criteria for this Rule is as follows:

    • When This Happens: 'Contact visits URL' OR 'Vistis Landing page'
    • Then Do This: Add contact to Sequence - Abandoned Cart Sequence

For more details on the set up of an abandoned cart funnel, please refer to ONTRAPORT Project: Follow Up With Leads Who Visit Your Sales Page But Do Not Buy.

Here is a link to our Knowledge Base with more information:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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